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Do you love the warm, singing sound of the cello?

Have you always had a secret dream of creating that beautiful sound yourself?

It would be my pleasure to accompany you on this path: I am a fully qualified, experienced cello teacher and offer private cello lessons in Vienna and Tullnerfeld, Austria.
I will gladly assist you in finding and hiring a suitable instrument.
Lessons are offered at 50 minutes and 25 minutes.

Lessons for adults

Beginners: For adults, learning to play the cello is often the fulfilment of a long-held wish, and finding the right teacher for the first phases makes a tremendous difference in later development...

Lessons for teenagers

I have developed my own holistic approach toward teaching young people and successfully helping them find both the joy of music and the basics of playing the cello. First and foremost, however, I w...


From the stage of 'advanced beginner' on, my students are invited to meet under my guidance and make music together while getting to know different musical styles. Pieces are chosen according to th...