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The violoncello has always been my favourite instrument, and I spent many years longing to learn how to play it. Finally, I plucked up my courage and went to Ms. Forrester for a trial lesson, and immediately knew I was in the very best hands.
During the past three years and under Alena Forrester’s guidance I have been discovering and working on "my" cello – every learning step brings a lot of work and unexpected challenges. My teacher is always there to help, motivating me at every step, moving me forward with her own expertise and experience, and making the instrument more accessible to me. Every lesson has become a wonderful mixture of individual learning units and the joy of playing my practiced pieces together with her.
Furthermore, I really appreciate that Ms. Forrester’s support is not limited to teaching - she provides help and advice when a student needs to rent an instrument, and will take the time to accompany and advise the student. I look forward to my next learning steps and cannot imagine a better teacher for beginning adults than Alena Forrester.

Elli R., Vienna

In 1998, at the age of 33, I fulfilled my childhood dream of learning to play a string instrument: in my case, the cello. From the time I first held the instrument in my hands and produced a sound with the bow on a string at a friend's party, it was clear to me: this is my instrument.
So I rented one, plucked up all my courage and began my first lesson with Alena full of doubt and questions. After approx. 5 sentences I realized: this is my teacher!
And that is saying something, since self-expression, imperfection etc. had been difficult topics for me until then. More than once had I heard her friendly request: the dynamics are also part of the music, not just correct intonation - risk it! And that was exactly what it needed. Once, Alena asked me: Is it possible that you are approaching this piece 'from above'?: She had actually heard that I was playing with the inner picture of the view from a churchtower onto a city. This demonstrates both her musicality and her sensitivity to her students which, in combination with her wonderful musical guidance, advice, suggestions for practicing and practical tips have lead me to playing Bach's cello suites and Vivaldi's sonatas.
After years of practising and playing, I had to pause due to a severe illness. This interruption lasted five years and had several lengthy difficult phases. But the day came when I once again heard my cello calling me and I am very happy to report that we now once again meet regularly: Alena, the cello and myself.
One essential reason is Alena's support! Otherwise, my approach to playing the cello would have been different in the first place and I don't think I would have been able to find a new approach after the long interruption. But I did, thanks to Alena's ability to create an open and at the same time empathic field. Furthermore, my perception is that this is now possible in a more authentic way than earlier (freed from burdensome expectations and aspirations).
Whenever I finish playing or practicing, I get up from my practice stool and am refreshed and happy!

Barbara S., Tulln

At the age of 19 I started studying the cello with Alena and ever since I have been unable to imagine my life without it. With plenty of humour, patience and charm Alena manages to sustain my enthusiasm and motivation, and also helps me not to lose courage in supposedly difficult moments. With patience she also advises students regarding the purchase of the first instrument, strings and sheet music, all of which is extremely helpful to the beginner. Furthermore, her class recitals offer the very pleasant opportunity to proudly present what we have learned. Conclusion: the best cello teacher in the world!

Eva P., Vienna

In learning to play the cello with Alena I fulfilled a dream from my student days. I grew up playing the violin, but always fancied the cellos in the school orchestra. With Alena I found a teacher who supported me greatly in transferring from the violin to the cello. Her experience and advice regarding purchasing my cello were irreplacable. She adapts her teaching to the student's individual wishes and includes breathing techniques and posture. This helped me avoid repeating old violin mistakes on the cello. The range she offers includes class recitals, ensembles and information regarding concerts and other musical events. This makes classes lively and offers a goal and additional joy of making music for the hobby musician. I thank Alena for her continually motivating and exciting classes.

Swanhild W., Vienna

Cello classes with Ms. Forrester mean great enrichment and are a delight for my life. This has several reasons: Firstly, because I love playing the cello because it centers me und secondly, because Ms. Forrester is a technically as well as musically highly gifted teacher who cares about her pupils. It is also worth noting that the extent of demands and the level of challenge she applies is always correct, both as regards her choice of literature as well as the teaching itself. It is just as gratifiying to experience how well she is able to respond to her students' personalities, in addition to her high professional competence. All in all, her regard and appreciation for her students raise my enthusiasm for and commitment to playing the cello which leads me to recommend her highly as a cello teacher.

Irina H., Vienna

Following several trial lessons with different cello teachers, my final choice was clear: Alena. Her professionalism, patience and kindness, her ready and realizable solutions to my problems (no matter how tricky the first obstacles for an absolute beginner like me may be) and her ability to respond to this student's individual needs convince me each lesson anew. I am very grateful to be able to study with Alena. Thanks to her, learning this difficult instrument is a true pleasure.

Claudia B., Vienna

Every cello class with Alena is a new exciting experience. The joint forming of the lesson gives musical pleasures.

Ursula J., Vienna