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Lessons for adults


For adults, learning to play the cello is often the fulfilment of a long-held wish, and finding the right teacher for the first phases makes a tremendous difference in later development on the instrument.
I will ensure that you have the individual guidance needed to finding your own path toward musical self-expression as well as increased proprioception. Working with humour and patience, as well as with the mastery of the instrument, I introduce the instrument, and from the very first lesson playing duets is a central part of my lessons.
Although beginning work on a new instrument is always a challenge - this is particularly true of all the strings, I regularly witness how much joy it brings to the lives of my adult students.

For more advanced adult students:

If you would like to refresh your technical skills or resume playing after a pause, we will establish your goals according to your individual wishes, which may be: developing ensemble skills and confidence; dealing with technical issues to improve tonal quality; improving left hand skills; practice technique; advanced knowledge of the literature, music theory, literature, or harmony.

Class Recitals

Informal recitals are held in the 'Cello Salon', giving it the flavour of a house concert. Of course no student is obliged to perform, and pieces are occasionally repeated - often because they so delight the listeners, but sometimes because the cellist wants to give the piece another go. Piano accompaniment is provided as called for, since the Salon offers both a Grotrian-Steinweg grand piano and a double-manual harpsichord.
These recitals give my students have the chance to meet each other, to exchange experiences, and to present their progress to friends, partners, parents, or children, which gives each recital a familiar and cheerful atmosphere.

Lessons are offered at 50 minutes and 25 minutes.

I will gladly assist you in finding and hiring a suitable instrument.

I teach cello for adults at my locations in 1040 Vienna and in Tullnerfeld/Judenau.