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About me

My study of the violoncello has been influenced by my musical education in Vienna, and I am fully committed to the traditional 'Viennese string sound'.
Study of the Baroque Cello also provided an important impulse, and both aspects are factored into my teaching.
A further influence were my years at the Vienna Waldorf-School (A-1230 Vienna), where artistic and musical development are essential elements of the paedagogical foundation.

  • State Diploma (with honours) in Cello Pedagogy and Ensemble music from Vienna Conservatory University. Studies with Andreas Lindenbaum (Klangfourm Wien) and Karl Krumpöck † (Vienna Symphony)
  • Concert tours to Japan and Taiwan, ROC
  • Extensive teaching experience gathered in several schools of music in Vienna and the province of Lower Austria
  • Study of the baroque cello at Vienna Conservatory University, performing activity
  • Bodywork: training in Alexander Technique, Shiatsu
  • Orchestra: member of the Sinfonia Academica with regular appearances in Vienna's concert halls.
  • Chamber music: Duo Rossini (cello and double bass) with Walter Swoboda
  • My instrument was mastercrafted in Mittenwald in 1762

 My hobbies are wood carving, hiking and last not least my cats.